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review - War Is Coming - Aural Pressure




o Virus Maximus - 47Ashes Edit Version

o Virus Maximus - Dub Version

o Virus Maximus - Edit Version

o Virus Maximus - Harsch Version

o Virus Maximus - Remix Version

o Maximum Anti-Virus


Legion from Kelemath is already sold out! The next part, Doctrines from the Kelemath New Empire is on its way and should be released in December.



MELEK-THA is working on Moloch — The Reign of Fire with CAMISOLE (Belgium), and Mutation Process with NITROUS FLESH (USA). Both releases will come out as double CD. Another work is under progress with POSTHUMAN TANTRA from Brazil to release Legion From Kelemath. More information later...


War Is Coming is available now from Dark Vinyl! Check out Infernal Battlefields from the mp3 section and read the review from Aural Pressure.



MELEK-THA has composed the intro and the outro for ANTAEUS' forthcoming EP.


Ajna Records will release a CD compilation entitled Rorschach featuring a previously unreleased track by MELEK-THA.


MELEK-THA will also appear on Kubernoise's compilation Cloning Technologies with "L'Echiquier Céleste".


Also, the artwork for Warbutcher's first album was created by Lord Evil.



The mp3 section continues growing!


A new track from the forthcoming album War is Coming is available for download:


Infernal Battlefields
(from War is Coming)


Still available:


Der Zivilisation - cover of LAIBACH
(from The 7 Years of Decay 3xCDR boxset!)
No Salvation
(previously unreleased!)



Welcome to Melek-Tha's new HELL!!!


To celebrate the 7 Years of Decay,
the webSite has been redesigned...
Samples are still missing
but they will come back soooooooon!


In the next few months,
the following albums will unleash
the Powers of Evil
upon your fragile ears...


Perfect World Eradication
  on Kubernoise
Devilish Purification
  split with Nazxul on Üne Records
Evil Indoctrination
  out on Dark Vynil
Decadence & Genocide
  re-release on Nuit & Brouillard well as...


The 7 Years of Decay!
  3xCDR in metal boxset

Tyranus - The Decimation World
  2xCDR in DVDbox

Death of Attahualpa
  2xCDR in DVDbox

Kapital de la Douleur