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Melek-Tha was formed during Summer '94 by Lord Evil who wanted to play music he really felt by using experimental material and special samplers. After a few months, one advance album was out and spread through mail to friends. Adipocere Records, the French Metal label, heard this Oppressant Dark Ritual Opus I and decided to release this CD. Astrum Argentinum is the title of this first opus...


In the following years, Melek-Tha remained very silent and didn't release anything at all. In fact, Lord Evil had already two other albums ready but was looking for a new label. Indeed, being signed to a Metal label was not the best thing... It was revealed in 1998 that Cold Spring Records, home of such acts as Archon Satani, Sutcliffe Jugend, Merzbow and Psychic TV, was to release the next album.


In April 1999, the second opus: De Magia Natvrali Daemoniaca, Diabolus Ritual Opus II, finally saw the light on Cold Spring Records.


In 1999, Solipsism Records (US) put out Post Nuclear Race on CD-R. Limited to 100 copies, this release unveiled the very bleak side of Melek-Tha, quite different from the more "mainstream" releases.


The news section will contain more information about Melek-Tha's evil-ution...


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Melek-Tha, 2002

Melek-Tha, 1996

Melek-Tha, 2001

Melek-Tha, 2002

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